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I went to Uni in the states, but right after moved abroad to Guam for a year, and then Japan for five years.   Along the way I’ve met brilliant expat friends that made me realize how affordable and valuable education outside of the US can be.  For the first time since University, six years later, I’m back in The States and am coming to the reflections and conclusions about life here.

I miss the pace of life that I made for myself abroad. The friendliness of really going out of your way to meet new people and getting a warm reception because they are also out of their comfort zone.  I miss finding something new to discover every weekend. I miss passionate discussions about similar cultural experiences–people don’t seem to have much time for those here.

I miss being around people who know what it’s like to choose to create a different life for themselves. I often I meet someone here who, upon hearing that I just got back from living abroad for six years, will launch into a dreamy fog about how they wished that they had done something like that.  Those can be interesting conversations, but it gets old.  I  prefer the ones about the adventures of actually DOING it!

I just don’t know what to do with myself back in America.  My spirit says “go go find your next adventure,” but I am trying to be open-minded and make a success out of life here.  Problem is I fell deeply in love with a hometown boy, who quit his job in NYC to move out with me in Japan, and then brought us back on a more permanent basis to the states to the hometown we grew up in…  We are newlyweds madly in love but finding it hard to compromise on what kind of environment we want to live our lives in.  He loves being near his parents and loves our hometown.  I love the adventure, cultural experiences and different perspectives you get living around world.  So just a shout out that I admire those couples out there who seem to be on the same page about how they want their lives to turn out.  Especially those living in a global mindset.


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